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Tom Pfister Creative Director
Tom Pfister

Growing up in an artistic family I have always been fascinated by the way things are created from an idea.

At the age of eight years old I started making puppets and puppet shows and I soon discovered that I was able to create an illusion just by combining different materials like wood, fabrics light and sound.

This was the beginning of a passion to create objects from a single idea and make them real. Working with all sorts of materials broadened my knowledge about the functionality and how to use them.

I got seriously interested about the art of filmmaking and decided to become a movie director. This way I could use all my experience and talents to create an illusion but my future had something else in store for me.

Blakes Hotel London!
Blakes Hotel London

Before I was about to join the film academy in Amsterdam, my brother an I went to Londen for a three week vacation. During that time we stayed with friends of our parents, who both worked for a famous fivestar boutique hotel: Blakes.

They offered us a tour and by seeing the most beautiful rooms, it hit me. I wanted to be able to create something as beautiful as the perfect style that made these rooms so special.

People say sometimes you need a bit of luck and this happened to me when I was offered a job at the hotel as an interior decorator and designer. I learned how to make the handmade curtains and fourposter beds. How to cover walls in fabric and to combine certain elements and their importance to make it work all together.

I soon realized that this was the beginning of a very successful career that would last for many years to come.

Cardinal Diner!
Cardinal Diner

Inspiration is the first step to creation. In between, creativity is a key element that makes it all possible.

My clients –and who they are as a person - are the most important to me. To listen to them and their ideas gives me energy to create a perfect end result that fits their personality.

Working together and using my creativity and experience that I gained through the years to realize their dreams are my true passion.

Thoughts create matter.

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